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Your industry has a
rich history.

We know how to harness it.

Since 2016 Patent Earth has provided dozens of organizations with large orders and custom designs for workspace decor, client gifts, employee appreciation, promotional materials & more.

With our design talent and extensive supplier network, Patent Earth is ready to help you leverage your industries history!

We can integrate your logos & branding with our designs in a variety of different ways, with visual impacts ranging from subtle accentuation to powerfully focused.

In addition to patent art designs we also have molecule designs, botanical illustrations, blueprint style schematics & other types of technical illustration at our disposal.

Design Customization

We provide a number of different customization styles! With thousands of patent schematics as well as molecules, botanical illustrations and more, we can craft unique designs to fit any industry or professional pursuit.

Options include mixing & matching individual figure illustrations, tiling patent designs to use as backdrops, colorized illustrations & integrating patent art with real life sketches and photos.

Colorized patent art example

Molecule design example

Tiled designs example

Botanical art example

Corporate Gifts

Wow your clients and partners with historically inspired gifts! We work with a growing network of suppliers to provide all kinds of gifts both big & small.

We can combine your branding & our custom designs on post cards, wall art, stationary, gift bags, coffee mugs, tumblers & much, much more. If it can be printed on, we can supply it!

Office Decor

The quality of your professional environment is important! It impacts both your customers impression, and your employees productivity. Your workspace decor should inspire customers & employees alike.

Patent Earth is here to help you craft a comfortable and professional working environment!

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Contact us and let us know what Patent Earth can do for your business!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you charge a setup fee?
    For orders under $500, we charge a $49 base setup fee for design customizations and logo additions. Setup fees are waived for orders over $500.
  • Can I place an order without customization?
    Yes, if you just want to place a large order using our standard designs, we are happy to assist and will not need to charge any setup fees.
  • How much does shipping cost?
    Shipping costs depend on your location, the size of your order and the shipping methods used. We will provide shipping options & estimates prior to finalizing your order.
  • How long will it take to get my order?
    Fulfillment times will depend on the quantities, types of products & types of customizations being requested. We work with a number of different printing services to have our products produced on demand. We will provide fulfillment estimates prior to finalizing your order.
  • Can I pay for shipping on my own account?
    Yes, we can arrange to pay for shipping using your UPS or FedEx accounts.
  • Can I ship to multiple locations?
    Yes, we can break your order up and ship to as many separate locations as needed.
  • Do you offer net payment terms?
    No, at this time we are requiring payment up front for all orders.
  • Can I place a sample order?
    Yes, if you let us know what products you are interested in we can set up a sample order.
  • Can I cancel or change my order?
    We can accept changes and cancellations prior to finalizing your order and sending it to production. Once your order is in production, we will not be able to accept changes or cancellation requests.
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