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We specialize in patent art prints. For every item and object that shapes our lives, there is a patent that elegantly explains it's purpose and design. Patent Earth is a window into the world of invention, and a new way to celebrate your hard work, interests and passions!

What We Do

At Patent Earth, we dig through millions of patent documents for all kinds of inventions, looking for the most interesting and inspiring technical illustrations. When we find something awesome, we use it to write insightful articles, make fun social media posts and create tasteful, unique gifts and decor for people who want to share the things they love!
We craft patent art into wall art, gift mugs, t-shirts and more - bringing the magic of invention into any environment from the office to the classroom, the workshop, and even your home. Our timeless and elegant designs will inspire you and those around you, no matter what your passion is!
Patent Earth prints hard at work.

Who We Are

Patent Earth began in 2016, when two tech minded friends came up with a way to use graphics automation to improve the quality of old patent drawings. From a spare bedroom in Austin, Texas, they began printing their improved designs on posters to sell on Ebay.
In the years since, Patent Earth has grown from an experimental side project into a thriving one-of-a-kind business with a wide range of products and designs. Today, we have delivered top quality products and 5 star service to over 40,000 customers around the globe!

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If you have any questions, comments or would like to suggest a patent that we should add to our catalog please Contact Us.
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