Golf Club Patent Mug

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Golf Club Mug featuring artwork from the Golf Club patent published in 1910. Glossy ceramic mug, printed on both sides. These mugs make excellent gifts and are a great way to show off your interests and hobbies!

Printed on Demand. We don't mass produce, so each mug you order is printed just for you!
This Golf Club mug is perfect for sipping your favorite beverage at home or in the office. And since we print our products on demand, each mug you order is unique to you!

Golf Club Mug Details

  • Product Type: Mug
  • Design: Golf Club Patent Art
  • Genre: Sports / Golf
  • Patent Published Year: 1910
  • Inventors: Albert C Fowler

Mug Specifications

  • Ceramic
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • White, glossy
  • Available in 11 oz and 15 oz sizes
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